WH2007-01 A3 (Large) embroidery panel, ready to embroider




This lovely, large-size design — printed onto pure cotton cloth — is ready to embroider.

Size of design A3: 29.55cm x 29cm (11.63 inches x 11.42 inches)

The image is printed onto a large 100% cotton cloth — big enough to fit in your hoop or frame.

There are no instructions, but there is a colour picture (embroidered by by Olga Smirnova, Saint Petersburg, Russia) which will serve as a good guide …. or use your own artistic license to create your own masterpiece!

Alternatively, why not contact your nearest stockist to enquire about silk ribbon embroidery classes?

Click on the image to enlarge

Click on the image to enlarge


Olga has kindly sent the notes of what she used and the steps that she followed. These were translated from Russian to English via Google translator, and she hope you will follow. I think they are easy to follow and thank you Olga for your generosity!

You can download the PDF here:

Notes for WH2007-01 by Olga Smirnova