WH06- The Curtain, Embroidery kit




This beautiful kit design, embroidered by Emma Kriegler, contains:

    • the printed panel (in A3 two foolscap page size) all ready to embroider
    • the ribbon pack which contains 2 packets of 4mm silk ribbon, 25 packets of 7mm silk ribbon, 1 packet of 38mm organza ribbon for the curtain – a total of 28 packets of ribbon
    • the thread pack which contains 8 skeins of thread and a packet of mixed wool for the branches etc.
    • Black and white instruction diagram are written by Emma Kriegler, plus a general instruction booklet
    • The actual size colour picture of the completed piece which will be a good guide.


and here is the completed piece…

Don’t you think it is lovely?



It’s not a design that requires a lot of work, so it’s perfect for a quicker kind of project.