New Hoop Art Series

I have made a gorgeous new kit and it’s a perfect size for anyone who would like to start with a small project.

Titled “TEA in the GARDEN”, it’s a most enjoyable kit. It’s quick and beautiful, it has a lot of texture and the colours are picture-perfect. 

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Tea-in-the Garden-Kit

Tea in the Garden is round and it fits perfectly in a 6 inch (15 cm) hoop. Once embroidered, it can stay in the hoop to be admired by many. Or you could frame it with a round mounting board or turn it into anything that needs a circular design.

The kit contains the threads and silk ribbons from my range of ribbon, the linen panel with the design printed on it, all ready to embroider. Also included, is the woolly fibre which I explain about in the step-by-step instructions, the needles, the voile backing fabric, a 6 inch (15 cm) wooden hoop, stitch guide and colour picture for close-up details as you stitch.

Tea in the Garden kit is selling a special price so don’t miss out on this best-seller!


Tea-in-the Garden-Kit