COMPLETE KIT for Perfect World book



COMPLETE KIT for Perfect World book

COMPLETE  Perfect World kit contains:

1. Perfect World embroidery sampler – printed onto pure cotton, in full colour, all ready to embroider

2. The stumpwork shapes printed on a separate block of fabric – all the shapes that you will need for the book.

3. The ribbon kit which contains the following from Di van Niekerk’s hand-painted range of ribbons that were used in the book:

13 x 2mm silk ribbon packets

18 x 4mm silk ribbon packets

12 x 7mm silk ribbon packets

9 x 13mm silk ribbon packets

1 x 25mm silk ribbon packet

1 x 35mm silk ribbon packet

4 x 6mm organza ribbon packets

2 x 15mm organza ribbon packets

1 x 25mm organza ribbon packet

1 x 38mm organza ribbon packet

A total of 62 packets of ribbon

4. and all the threads – the Chameleon Thread Pack which contains 39 beautiful skeins of thread.

♫♬♪♫♬♪ There will be quite a lot of ribbon and thread leftover which can be used in other designs or can be shared with a friend.