DVD (all three) – embroidery kit




The kit for the entire series (Volume 1, Volume 2 and Volume 3)

Please note that this kit does not contain the DVDs. It contains the printed panel (Pattern) in full colour, all the ribbons and the threads for the DVDs (all three) The DVDs are now out of print in PAL format but if you live in America and Canada, you can order the NTSC version you need from Amazon here. We have Volume 2 (which you can view on your computer screen) and will add for you as a gift inside the parcel. 

This popular kit contains

    • all the ribbons
    • all the threads
    • plus stumpwork shapes
    • and the flower sampler panel, printed onto pure cotton, in full colour, ready to embroider for the entire series (Volume 1, Volume 2 and Volume 3) plus a detailed colour picture to use as a guide. A stamen.
    • We will include the pattern and the inserts inside the kit as well. And we will also include as much as we can from the list below.
    • The remaining components for the DVD like the scissors, wire cutters, pen, and a few of the beads that we cannot source here,  you can get from your local craft store or order online from an outlet near you.

We will include:

    • The black and white line drawing, the stitch gallery, DVD inserts with a list of all you need as you stitch.
    • The stumpwork wires, multipurpose needle pack, backing fabric, we only have the yellow Miyuki seed beads- the orange, black and lavender beads can be found form a local bead shop.
    • We will also include applique paper, organza fabric for the wings, white cotton fabric for stumpwork,
    • backing fabric- a thin cotton voile,  Rajmahal thread (black), wooden beads,
    • toy filling, metallic threads, green wool, white felt.
    • 5 sheets of water-soluble and notes on how to make your own anti-fray
    • 4mm wooden beads (green or natural)
    • blue water-soluble pen
    • DVD Volume 2 for free. This volume you will be able to watch om your desktop or laptop.

Ideal for the complete beginner

NOTE: If you need the pattern before your kit arrives, the black and white pattern and the lists for the DVD series purchased from websites overseas, please download them from this page. Look under the heading: Downloads for DVDs

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Here is a clip from one of the DVD’s – do bear in mind that the quality of the images is much better on the DVD itself 🙂

Folded Ribbon Rose

Twirled Ribbon Rose

Iris Stitch

You are welcome to see more clips from the DVD series on YouTube here