Lucky Dog kit





♫♥♫♥♫ Ideal kit for the beginner to silk ribbon embroidery!


Lucky Dog kit contains:


Size of design:  9.69cm x 12.38cm (3.8 x 4.87 inches) printed onto a block of pure cotton fabric.



The kit contains:

  • Printed panel: Lucky Dog printed onto pure cotton fabric – ready to embroider
  • Di’s range of silk ribbons,
  • Beads,
  • Threads,
  • needles,
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • And close-up colour picture to guide you whilst you stitch.

List of what is included in the kit:


9 skeins of thread


5 packets of Di van Niekerk’s 2mm silk ribbons

5 packets of Di van Niekerk’s 4mm silk ribbons

2 packets of Di van Niekerk’s 7mm silk ribbons

Other requirements supplied in Lucky Dog kit

  • Tapestry needle size 13 x 1
  • Mixed pack  tapestry needles18/24
  • Mixed pack Chenille needles18/24
  • Mixed pack 5/10 embroidery/crewel needles
  • Gold metallic thread 1 card
  • Silver metallic thread 1 card
  • Printed panel of Lucky Dog –printed onto pure cotton in full colour ready to embroider
  • Detailed step -by- step instructions and stitch gallery with close-up picture to work from
  • 4 Tiny black beads for eye and spider’s head and one larger black bead for the body
  • Small Gold bead for collar

♫♥♫♥♫    There will be quite a lot of thread and ribbon left over to use in another project or to add to your stock.


Enjoy 🙂