Fairy in a Hammock Kit – NL14




Fairy in a Hammock Kit – NL14




Fairy in a Hammock kit Embroidered by Jacqui O’ Connell



Please note, there are no written instructions for this kit, but you can use the photo as a guide. Simple stitches were used. See my Instagram page for the photo. 
Or my Facebook page here
We will also include a scan of the completed piece to use as a guide
The kit contains
The Fairy in a Hammock panel -A4 size (24.6 x 20 cm or 10 x 8 inches) printed in colour on pure cotton fabric-ready to embroider
A colour print of the scanned embroidery
Backing fabric – soft cotton voile to fit the embroidery. You will stitch through both layers from the start. This fabric helps to support your stitches and it’s handy when ending off your threads and ribbons.
Needles  #16, 18, 20 Chenille and 9 Embroidery needles
Ribbons-Di van Niekerk
organza 15mm no. 16
silk 4mm no. 16
silk 7mm no. 16
silk 13mm no. 15
 silk 7mm no. 48 x2
Threads- assorted

Maxi Mouline 410 and 856 and 938

Chameleon Perlé 8 no. 97 Green Olives and no. 33 Forest Shade or similar,

Stranded Cotton no. 54 Moss or similar

Silver metallic thread x 4 for spider’s web and hammock


Enjoy! Would really love to see your creation!