Cups on Hooks kit



Cups on Hooks KIT

The kit contains:


    • The lovely, medium-size design — printed onto pure cotton cloth — which is ready to embroider.


Average size of an A4 design is 21cm x 29.7cm (8.30 by 11.70 inches) 

The image is printed onto large 100% cotton cloth — big enough to fit in your hoop or frame.



    • A black and white diagram with notes to guide you whilst you stitch



    • The colour picture of the completed design.




    • The ribbons:


Ribbon Pack contains 7 packets of Di´s hand-painted ribbons


    • The threads


Thread Pack contains 7 skeins of thread and 2 cards of gold metallic thread


    • Plus the needles:


Crewel size 5/10

Chenille size 18/22

Here is the list of threads and ribbons which are included in the kit:

pdf Lists - Gold and Blue Saucers and Cups (133.83 kB)

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The embroidered work by Emma Kriegler of Stilbaai.

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