Box Full of Lessons 4 – Peonies and Roses KIT



Box Full of Lessons 4

Di will tell you about all the secrets, hints and tips that you will need to make your masterpiece. Easy to follow, easy to learn. This pocket full of lessons will be used as a file, so you will never misplace your notes and colour photos of the completed project….. an affordable, enjoyable and helpful way to learn 🙂

This beautiful Box full of lessons kit contains:

1. The embroidery panel with the image which is 29.3cm x 36.89cm (11.54 x 14.52 inches) in size, printed onto a large 100% cotton cloth – ready to embroider.

Note: The large (60 x 60 cm or 24 x 24”) cloth will fit easily in your frame or hoop.

2. Box full of lessons format instructions (51 pages of full colour on a CD) with detailed, close-up photography which will guide you all along the way

3. The stitch diagrams

4. The colour picture (actual size) of the embroidered piece to guide you as you stitch

5. All the threads (20 skeins) that you will need to complete this gorgeous design

6. All of Di’s hand-painted ribbons (41 packets of gorgeous shades) to guarantee you your masterpiece.

♫♥♫♥♫ There will be lots of threads and ribbons left over to use in another project or to share with a friend.

7. The rose urn which is printed on a separate piece of fabric. This urn is then cut out and applied to the main design for a lovely three-dimensional effect.

This popular Box full of lessons format is suitable for the complete beginner to silk ribbon embroidery and the advanced embroiderer too will love making this beautiful heirloom piece.

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