Bottom’s Up (Children on the Gate) – A Downloadable Project



Good news! for those who do not have my Dreamscapes book.

As this book is out of print (and rather expensive on the second-hand market) you will be happy to learn that a newly released DOWNLOADABLE PDF/ e-book for the Children on the Gate (Bottoms UP) project is now available. 


Newly released is the DOWNLOADABLE PDF/ e-book for Bottoms Up (Children on the Gate) design. One of the four projects in the book.


Suitable for the beginner to silk ribbon embroidery and stumpwork

The Bottoms Up project and all its instructions are available in PDF format for you to follow on your computer or tablet screen.

The downloadable PDF is as follows:  This detailed 24-page project, with an additional 18-page stitch gallery, shows you step by step how to make this exquisite embroidery project.



Enjoy! You are welcome to purchase the complete kit with all the ribbons, threads, yarns, embroidery panels and the downloadable lesson here.

Once you have placed your order, you will receive an order number with a link for you to click on to download the lesson for your collection. 

The complete kit with all the ribbons and threads and the linen panel is available at a special price here.