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Oranges and Bougainvillea by Christine Chan

Oranges-and-Bougainvillea (A3 Large) embroidery panel

Today I want to show you a gorgeous garden scene, embroidered by the talented Christine Chan from Arcadia in Los Angeles County.

Don’t you wish you were sitting in this garden right now? 

Click on the images to enlarge.

Oranges and Bougainvillea-Christine

Have a look at the way she made the basket, and don’t those oranges look good?

They are covered with silk ribbon, a quick and easy way to make round fruit.

If you would like to see how to make these, have a look here.


Needing a lovely project? There is a kit available for this that includes everything you will need to make this gorgeous scene. It is available on special now. Have a look here.


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Christine shares so generously with all of us, and for this, I am grateful as she is sure to inspire many of you with this lovely rendition of Oranges and Bougainvillea, one of our most popular embroidery panels.

Happy weekend, stitching world and thank you, Christine!